Pipelining Services in San Diego, CA

Trenchless Technology for Sewer Line Repair

When sewer lines are damaged with cracks, holes, small missing sections, or minor breaks, there are multiple solutions to make repairs. One option is a rehabilitation of the sewer drain through pipelining. San Diego, CA residents can trust the experienced team and expert solutions at Exodus Plumbing, Inc. 

With an in-depth sewer camera inspection, we can determine if pipelining is the best solution for your property. We will provide a comprehensive estimate and walk you through the process from start to finish. 

What is Pipelining?

Over time, aging sewer lines can deteriorate, break due to root intrusion and poor maintenance, and often replacing the line is the most obvious repair. However, with pipelining, customers can save excavation costs and benefit from a fully restored pipe. 

Pipelining is a fully trenchless, no dig solution. It can rehabilitate the pipe with an epoxy solution creating a new structurally sound pipe within the damaged line. If the pipe is mostly intact and not collapsed, pipelining is an ideal and cost-effective method. 

Using an epoxy resin and catalyst solution, a specialty liner, carefully measured to the section or length of pipe needed, is saturated and placed inside of the damaged sewer line. It is inflated and molded to the interior of the existing pipe and left to cure.

The curing process creates a hardened and durable pipe within the damaged pipe. Pipelining can be applied to almost any type of pipe including cast iron, clay, and DWV (drain waste and vent lines).

Benefits of Pipelining in San Diego, CA

  • No Excavation – The costliest part of replacing a sewer line is the excavation of concrete and landscaping, and restoration of the property once the line has been installed. With pipelining, the damaged sewer line is fully restored without digging. It is ideal when the pipe is damaged underneath the home, concrete, or even city sidewalks. With a no dig solution, there is no danger of hitting utility lines or leaking contaminants into the soil. 
  • Reduced Waste – Since the damaged sewer line is not being removed, there is no waste going into local landfills. Pipelining is an environmentally safe sewer line rehabilitation option.    
  • Versatility – With pipelining, it is versatile enough to make small section repairs as well as full pipe replacements. It can be used for multiple types of sewer lines and is efficient and long lasting.  
  • Fast – Unlike traditional digging and replacement, pipelining can be completed quickly. Cure time can vary, but most epoxy lining can be completed and cured within one day making it a quick method to restore services.  

With epoxy relining, or pipelining, homeowners can save money, costly landscaping, and restore old damaged sewer lines with a brand-new pipe that will last for years.  It is a highly specialized sewer line repair option and should only be performed by trained and skilled specialists. 

Our team has more than 10 years of experience helping home and business owners save time and money with sewer pipelining. 

Call Exodus Plumbing, Inc. for pipelining in San Diego, CA from the border in the south to north county. We offer exceptional customer care, quality work and unbeatable prices. To learn more or schedule your consultation, call (858) 544-6064 today!


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