Blogs from September, 2021


Here at Exodus Plumbing we recommend routine drain cleanings for various reasons.

  1. Regularly cleaning your drain will lead to an overall longer lifetime and helps reduce the wear and tear damage that is accrued on your drain.
  2. Prevents unwanted odors. With food and much else going down drains, foul odors can begin to arise from the drain. Regularly cleaning drains will help prevent this by clearing out things before they can develop negative odors.
  3. Better drainage. A drain that is not regularly maintained will begin to slow in drainage due to blockage.
  4. Prevent critical repairs by keeping the damage to a minimum. Maintenance is much better than repairs in the long run and is much more cost efficient.

How often should a drain be cleaned?

Varies greatly depending on the type of drain that is being discussed. We here at Exodus Plumbing recommend monthly drain cleanings to absolutely maximize the health and longevity of your drains.

For all of your drain cleaning needs please contact Exodus Plumbing of San Diego at (858) 544-6064 to schedule your drain evaluation now! Have one of our licensed professionals come take a look at your situation and offer the best solution for you! Exodus Plumbing, your Plumbing Experts of San Diego County.